TİHCAD opens its Aegean Branch in Izmir
03 Nov 2023

TİHCAD opens its Aegean Branch in Izmir


As a member of the textile industry, one of the locomotives of the Turkish economy, we have decided to start this organization, where employers and employees come together for the first time.

In line with the objectives of bringing together all exporters operating in the textile sector with relevant institutions and organizations, providing the necessary infrastructure for cooperation by leading the development of our sector, carrying out activities that support and improve education, and increasing the qualified workforce by producing solutions to the employment problem in our sector, in October 2020. “We established the Textile Exporters and Employees Association – TİHCAD.

The main duty and responsibility of our association is to successfully represent and promote Turkey in national and international authorities and events, and to work for our industry to gain the value it deserves, in line with the common interests of employers and employees who export in the textile industry.

While fulfilling this duty, our main aim with our infrastructural and solution-oriented activities that will reflect our vision of investing in the future; To be an innovative, developing, constructive and beneficial non-governmental organization in our sector with our TİHCAD HR project, which aims to create a permanent solution to the problem of qualified workforce and employment.

Through our committees, it is TİHCAD’s responsibility to contribute to the sustainability, digitalization and innovation of our sector, to contribute to its becoming a world brand with its product and service quality, to organize regular trainings, seminars, conferences, and to create market research and R&D projects so that our industry can institutionalize and keep up with the information age. among its main tasks.

If you want to learn more about TİHCAD and become a member,
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